HR Assignment Help is labelled as the most customer-devoted assignment writing company. And to make sure that every student gets full value against their money, we offer unlimited free revisions. However, to obtain free revisions, one or more than one condition needs to be fulfilled.

The following policies shall be applicable in case you wish to claim a free revision. However, if you disagree with any of the conditions below, please refrain from placing the order or cancel your order within the timeframe of 24 hours.

Clause# 01:

The revisions need to be claimed within 30 days of the order delivery. However, in the case of a thesis or dissertations, the claim of free revision can be made within 60 days of the order placement.

Clause# 02:

The time required to cater to revision falls around 7 to 24 hours, depending on how lengthy the revision is. However, if the deadline is just around the corner and you need an urgent revision, let the customer support team know, and we will cater to it.

Clause# 03:

Free revisions are only applicable if a certain requirement was made at the time of order placement and the writer failed to fulfil it. In case you have a new set of requirements, it will not be counted as a revision and will be labelled as a new task. For every new task, an additional price is quoted.

Clause# 04:

Any work you accepted but later you changed your mind for any reason will not be catered under free revision. For example, you choose to research a certain topic but later change your mind and now wish to work on another topic; in such a situation, a new price will be quoted.

Clause# 05:

In case of revisions, clients are requested to make a claim through email or portal assigned to the client. This is because revision claims raised through email or portals are instantly forwarded to the assignment writer who worked on the order. And this way, the revision claim is catered to instantly.

Revision claims made through WhatsApp or Live Chat might not be catered to instantly, and HR Assignment Help shall be liable for it.

Clause# 06:

Every cycle of revision shall include one set of requirements at a time. Once the writer has started working on the revision, the client shall be required to wait until the revision cycle is over. If you need to make additional changes, you will be required to wait until the cycle of revision is over.

Clause# 07:

Quick responses from the client’s end are mandatory during the revision phase. Delayed or late responses from the client shall result in the dismissal of the revision claim. If the deadline is missed due to a delay of responses from the client’s end, the client themselves shall be held responsible.

Clause# 08:

To seek a revision, the writer and the client need to decide a new deadline. In case a client misses the deadline due to revision, we shall not be held responsible. However, if the deadline is right around the corner, the student may communicate with customer support to speed up things. This is why HR Assignment Help recommends that its clients determine a deadline a little earlier than their deadline.

Clause# 09:

To make a free revision claim, the client needs to mention what changes they want in their assignment. General comments on the assignments do not justify the claim of free revision, and the request will not be catered.

Clause# 10:

As per our service agreement with you, HR Assignment Help reserves the right to refuse the free revision claim. However, if you still find your claim legit, reach out the customer support, and we will find the best possible way to resolve your issue.